Adult Classes

Summer Schedule

Hear from our Missionaries, 9am

Sunday, June 30: Marcus and Carla Snedeker.  Just returned from 4 years in Papua New Guinea, the Snedekers will bring us up to date on the work of Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission) in trying to reach some of the many isolated jungle tribes with the gospel in this land of over 850 different languages.
Sundays, July 7 and 14: THE CALL OF THE COSMOS. Watch a fascinating new film by Illustra Media, who have produced all of the Intelligent Design films we have screened in recent years: Origin, Living Waters, Flight, Metamorphosis, and Privileged Planet. Half will be shown each Sunday, because of the length. Through the wonders of outer space we catch extraordinary glimpses of the Lord’s artistry, power, wisdom and compassion as the heavens pour out evidence of his existence every moment of every day. The Call of the Cosmos is a celebration of science and the character of God. Come for either or both Sundays—your mind and heart will both be touched!
Sunday, July 21: Youth Mission Report. Come and hear from the 20 young people and 4 adults who have been on a mission trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
Sunday, July 28: Tom and Debbie. After numerous surgeries and treatments for two different and unrelated cancers last fall and winter, Debbie was recovered enough to go to Kenya in May with Tom to continue their teaching ministry. Come and hear from our miracle missionary and hear first hand how God has answered all our prayers for her.
Sunday, August 4: Tom Speckhardt  will give us an update on Youth Compass and Youth for Christ International and his work with third-culture kids in a number of cities around the world.
Sunday, August 11: Michael McLaughlin. Michael travels to dozens of medical and dental schools throughout the West each year, speaking to students on behalf of the Christian Medical and Dental Association. Come and hear of his work.
Sunday, August 18: Michael and Oetje Madany. After many years of mission work in Somalia, a country long unsafe for Westerners, Michael and Oetje now have an extensive online ministry with Somalis who have fled the fighting there and are scattered all over the world.
Sunday, August 25: Dom Folkins. Come and meet the new leader of West Seattle Young Life. He will be joined by a leader or two and possibly several students who have had their lives changed at one of Young Life’s summer camps.
Sunday, September 1: Ron Rice will show the video of his May trip to Nigeria. He and Sharon and his partner Ayuba gave out 430 wheelchairs in 7 major distributions.

Children's and Youth

Children's Sunday School

Our children’s Sunday School offers classes for all ages beginning with 3 year olds each Sunday morning at 9:55am (September-June).
West Side has been committed to growing children through Christian Education since its beginning. Sunday school is a place where kids and leaders begin to KNOW our loving God, GROW in vibrant faith, and SHOW God’s love to others. We have adopted a dynamic ministry philosophy that empowers families to grow together spiritually. We desire to come alongside to inspire, equip and support parents through-out the week as we minister to their children on Sunday. Children’s classes meet in the classrooms on the ground floor.

Middle & High School Sunday School

Specially designed classes for both Middle and High School students are offered every Sunday morning during the school year. They meet at 9:55am, middle school in Room 5 and High School in Rap Hall.


Twice a month, October through April, 6:30-8:30pm a confirmation class is offered for middle school & high school students who are interested in taking their faith further. During this class, students will learn and practice using the language of the faith and see that Jesus calls them to a purpose that is bigger than themselves. The class will cover the Biblical narrative, Christian theology, Presbyterian Polity, and what it means to be The Church.