Sundays at West Side

Sunday Service

Each Sunday during the summer our worship service is at 10am (June 30-September 1)

Our service normally run about an hour. We sing, pray and learn about Jesus through sermons grounded in the Bible. We meet in our main sanctuary and children are always welcome.

A nursery is available for younger children (0-3). There is also a “Parent's Room” at the back of the sanctuary if parents with babies prefer that option.

The first Sunday of each month, communion is served. All who profess Jesus Christ as their Savior are welcome to partake of the Lord’s Supper, regardless of denominational background.

Our two services will resume September 8:
8:45am (traditional)
10:45am (contemporary)
Middle Hour (between services)
Our 8:45am service is an intentional inter-generational worship service, so children remain alongside us for all of worship. During the 10:45am service, children age 3 and older will be dismissed about 20 minutes into the service to go downstairs for age-appropriate teaching.

Middle Hour

Sunday School | Adult Education | Fellowship

During the summer months we have the opportunity to hear from some of the missionaries that West Side supports at the 9am Adult Education hour. See our list of missionaries of who will be here this summer.

Our Middle Hour resumes September 8:
Sunday School and Adult Education meet in the hour between our two worship services (9:55-10:40am). There are age appropriate classes that meet downstairs for children and youth, and Adult Education offerings are in rooms on the main level. Those classes are informal and topics rotate on a quarterly or seasonal basis. Check our current offerings.

There are also weeks when we also have Fellowship Meals, Congregational Meetings, etc. between our two services.  See our calendar to see what's coming up.


After each service coffee, tea and light snacks are available in our Narthex. Each month we also offer a relaxing and delicious fellowship meal that is open to everyone. We hope you will join us as we break bread together and get to know one another better!