Wheelchairs for Nigeria

Nigeria has more polio than any other country in the world. There are uncounted tens of thousands of polio survivors who spend their lives crawling on the ground. Pastor Ron Rice and his Nigerian partner Ayuba Gufwan, a polio survivor himself, have a shop in Jos, Nigeria with 60 employees where they build hand-pedaled tricycles for $150.

Through the generous support of West Side folks and others, they were able to build and donate 3720 tricycle/wheelchairs in 2022. Since this ministry began over 20 years ago, they have given out 29,000 wheelchairs, transforming the lives of 29,000 polio survivors. This is far more than anyone else in this huge country of 217 million is doing for polio survivors, yet it is only scratching the surface of the enormous need.

Watch the 4-minute video for an overview of this project.