Masks, Part 2

Protective masks may be part of life into the future for many of us.  Though homemade masks are not fully virus protective, they do offer a measure of barrier against airborne particles. In countries such as China and Japan, masks have been part of the wardrobe during flu seasons for a long time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, now masks are seen worldwide. Perhaps this fashion trend will take hold here in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

Given that masks of any kind are currently difficult to obtain, several members have been sewing homemade masks to be distributed to their brothers and sisters at West Side upon request. Functional, fanciful, ear loop or tie, these masks have been lovingly distributed to many of our older members who really need to be vigilant about protecting themselves. Volunteers who are helping these members also are in need of these masks!

Our grateful hearts go out to those with masterful sewing skills and a love for their neighbor, including Nancy B, Ruth L, Janet M, Lisa V, Marilyn H, Kris A, Erika A, Tiffany B, Sandra H and Liz B. It was amazing to see how the Lord worked matching supply with demand. Just as masks on hand were beginning to run out, we would receive a call saying more masks were on the way! To date, approximately 34 masks have been distributed.

If you would like one or more for your family, please contact the church and if we have them, a deacon will deliver!