Devotion - May 13

[Psalms 61-65 / Proverbs 13 / Ephesians 6:10-18]

Guest devotional this morning!

My friend Rev. Michael Neelley, who preached for us here at West Side last fall and is a pastor at Tierra Nueva, uploaded this devotional. Since our theme this week is worship, and worship is not simply rationale or emotional but also spiritual — well, this seems a good morning to have a guest devotional.

Mike speaks about the spiritual realities that we face in this, and every, time. His discussion of spiritual warfare may be a new idea. Mike believes in the reality of the physical world and science, and the realities of emotional battle — he also knows that right alongside these challenges is the spiritual. I hope that this video is a blessings, and perhaps a challenge, to the way you 'armor up' for the day ahead.
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