Devotion - June 13, Graduation Weekend

All this week our devotions are from members of the West Side family. Since we are separated during this time, and you are hearing a good deal from me as your pastor but less, perhaps, from one another, it's a gift to hear and join in how others in our fellowship are walking with Jesus during this time.

Today's devotion is from Anthony Spain. Anthony is our Music Director.

Tomorrow is graduation Sunday and like many of you, I have thought of our students and graduates lately. As part of the Northwest Symphony Orchestras “Symphony for Students” program, I miss working with students in choirs and orchestras, and feel for the students who are graduating that will not know a normal graduation.

Graduations are always a bittersweet time, even in the best of times. As well as a time of celebration, students begin to go their own way, with the first of many goodbyes. It is hard to think of a better song that captures these bittersweet emotions than “Friends” by Michael W. Smith.

Michael W. Smith is known as an accomplished song writer for good reason. There is a depth to his writing and music. The best songs come deep from within a person. When Michael W. Smith writes songs, they always seem to come from that place — no ego, no cheap emotions, no gimmicks. That’s not to say he, or other good song writers, aren’t thinking about others, as music is about communicating with others, but there is an authenticity about his and other good writer’s music.

“Friends” is a wonderful song on many levels. While there is poetry in the words (written by Michael W. Smith’s wife), Michael W. Smith’s music adds another level to these lyrics. Great writer’s music often captures not only text, but sub texts and therefore the music communicates different powerful emotions at the same time. Listening to “Friends,” we feel a range of emotions: joy, hope, sadness, and the awareness of both the permanence of friendship, but the change of time- with God being at the center of it all. We are flooded with deep emotions regardless of age.

This Sunday we salute you graduates. This song is for you, and for all of us, as we remember deep friendships over the years.

Friends” by Michael W. Smith

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