Devotions: Week of July 27

This week’s devotional readings focus on forgiveness, with references and links to the Plough publishing website – the literary arm of the Bruderhof community that left Germany in the late 1930’s as a result of Nazi persecution for their pacifist beliefs. Each of these quotes is taken from an article with links so that you can read the whole thing – they are all quick reads and I hope these reflections and stories encourage your own journey to forgive.

The gospel readings for each week continue to make our way through Mark’s gospel, following Jesus through the final days in Jerusalem, his crucifixion and resurrection. The cross is essential to forgiveness – the place where God extended his mercy for human sin in order to defeat the power of sin. Remember that our forgiveness of others is actually us saying to Jesus, “You took my sins and gave me salvation and healing – please do the same with the sins done to me.”

Devotions for the week of July 27
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