A Fall to Look Forward To

Ah, fall... A season of football, crisp air, and pumpkin-flavored everything. This season always brings a feeling of togetherness and warmth, but like so many things this year, November may be a little different.

While uncertainty still looms like a dark shadow, there are some things you can do to make this fall not just something to get through, but something to actually look forward to. This month shift the focus in your home from the things you might be missing to new things you can adventure into as a family. Count your blessings, find joy, and reinvent the wheel.

Some ideas:

– Find fun in a new adventure. What’s something your family has always wanted to try? Make it happen. Rent kayaks and go through the Arboretum. Go rock climbing. Backpack over a weekend. Whatever it is, find an outdoor activity that’s on the bucket list, and make it happen.

A – Attempt something big. Decide on a feat of epic proportions for your family. Climb a mountain, go 10 days without social media, or run a 5k. Putting a new goal ahead of you is a great way to focus on the positive.

L – Activate and challenge your teen’s faith by looking for a special way to love on someone in your community who has a real need. Reach out to me if you need ideas. Do something as a family your teen will remember years from now.

L – If you don’t already have a fire pit, work together to build an inexpensive one for your home using pavers and cinder blocks. Have your teen invite friends over for s’mores and some (social-distancing) fellowship around the fire.
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