What do the Reliable Icons Represent?

AI generated images, ChatGPT, social media — can you spot reliable images and information? For generations Christians have claimed the that the words and images of the Bible are reliable, and used by God's Spirit to call humanity back to the God who holds authority over life and death.

This collection of icons are reminders of the narrative themes that we are exploring in our Reliable series this year - discovering together the reliable authority of the Bible in every season of our lives.


God’s glory is reflected in creation (Ps. 19:1-4) and God’s image in humanity (Gen. 1:27).


The triangle represents Mt. Sinai and God’s self-revelation to Israel.


The crown represents the Kingdom God established in justice and righteousness.


The manger represents Jesus, the Living Word, born in human flesh at Bethlehem.


The table reminds us of the wide invitation and welcome of the gospel Jesus announced.


The cross reminds us of the call of the gospel to self-denial as we follow Jesus.


The gift of God’s Spirit brings life and new creation in the places of death and decay.


The circles represent the letters (scrolls) sent to the earliest Christian churches.


In the New Creation heaven and earth will come together as God makes his dwelling with people.

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