In-person Worship and Vaccines

Some in our West Side family have wondered why we are only offering in-person worship at this time for those who are vaccinated. It’s a fair question. In so many ways this does not feel true to who we are. In fact, none of this has felt right for over a year now! We want to all be together.

But then we thought of many of our members who have been socially isolated for over a year and were eligible early for the vaccine. We realized that we could open safely for these beloved brothers and sisters to regather in person who have not been out and about nearly as freely as many of the rest of us — and that most of the rest of us can still gather remotely online. And even though it sounds rotten to say “vaccinated only” what we are really saying is “most vulnerable first.”  It seems worth it to take special steps to create a safe space for in-person worship for those among us most vulnerable to severe illness from COVID-19.

As your pastor I’ve said again and again that we do not know if we are getting this exactly “right” — actually, we are certain to make mistakes. As a leadership team we will err on the side of partnering with public health to protect the most vulnerable in our church family and West Seattle community while trusting God’s good work among all of us. So let’s keep talking — and praying — and connecting with each other.

Remember that our Deacons are at the ready to help you to get a vaccine appointment. As soon as the rate of community transmission drops within a medium range we look forward to regathering all together. And we will continue to Livestream services for all of us!

So grateful to be following Jesus on mission with you,
Pastor Laurie
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