Young Lives Care Fund Grant Stories

The West Side Young Lives Care Fund (YLCF) committee would like to thank you all for your support for the young moms in the local Young Lives program. Each time we receive a grant request we are blown away at the incredible hurdles faced by these young women and the perseverance they show.  Recent YLCF grants have included the following:
A.P. – Teen mom with 3-year-old daughter.  YLCF grant used to pay for college tuition and books that were not covered by Running Start (March 2022).  She is determined to accomplish her AA degree by high school graduation on top of caring for her young daughter.
A.R. – YLCF provided assistance with bills (May 2022).  She is 22 years old with 5- and 6-year-old children.  She would like to go into the medical or education field and is currently working as a home care aid and a preschool teacher.  She is also caring for her mother who is on dialysis and has an irregular heartbeat.  
J.Y. – YLCF provided assistance with bills (July 2022).  She has a daughter, Lila, and is a student at UW in Speech Pathology.

These are amazing young women and their mentors always tell us how special they are, how much they have grown since they joined Young Lives and what a privilege it is to come alongside them. They are so grateful for West Side support for Young Lives and especially the West Side YLCF which allows them to offer practical help alongside the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.