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Letter from Jubilee Centre
by Noël Foulk on June 7th, 2024
Hello Dr. Brenner and West Side Presbyterian Church,I pray this letter finds you and your congregation in good spirits. I received a letter from Dr. Bramlett informing me of the great news that is coming from your church. I wish you could see me dancing on the other side of this email because I am so grateful to your church for all your prayers for Jubilee Centre and your decision to officially jo...  Read More
Path From Poverty Presents Harambee
by Noël Foulk on September 20th, 2023
Registration is open for Harambee (Swahili for "pulling together")!You are invited to join us for a fun and inspiring evening. Enjoy a catered dinner and hear updates from our partners in Kenya. Try your luck in the raffle, sprint for delicious treats in the dessert dash, and shop at the Kenyan Marketplace.We look forward to celebrating with you. Your support will help us continue to bring life-ch...  Read More
Remember to Bless Big this Week!
by Noël Foulk on May 24th, 2023
I was 23 years old, sitting in the kitchen with Norwegian cousins from the same generation as my grandparents. These dear, distant family members shared their memories of care packages sent from family in the States during the war. The impact of these gifts was far greater than their modest contents. My cousins described, with tears in their eyes, the encouragement of knowing that they were not al...  Read More
The White Center Food bank thanks you for your Bless Big donations!
by Noël Foulk on March 2nd, 2023
This past fall, the WCFB was one our our Bless Big Local mission partners.This food bank serves a diverse clientele speaking multiple languages and having  varied cultural backgrounds. Onsite and mobile food distribution is offered as well as growing culturally relevant food onsite. Hi West Side Presbyterian Church,I wanted to send a message of gratitude for your donation and support of our missio...  Read More
Young Lives Care Fund Grant Stories
by Noël Foulk on August 19th, 2022
The West Side Young Lives Care Fund (YLCF) committee would like to thank you all for your support for the young moms in the local Young Lives program. Each time we receive a grant request we are blown away at the incredible hurdles faced by these young women and the perseverance they show.  Recent YLCF grants have included the following: A.P. – Teen mom with 3-year-old daughter.  YLCF grant used t...  Read More
Is This My Neighbor?
by Noël Foulk on March 22nd, 2022
Lin Snavely There are lessons our Father wants us to learn. This was mine. Martha Wilson knew Nancy only in passing, but when she saw that Nancy,72, had become physically weak and unkempt, she sprang into action. She enlisted Christine Miller and me to help clean Nancy’s apartment, get her food and line up social services. Nancy was in trouble…and we were too late. Within a few weeks, Martha calle...  Read More
Thank You from Olive Crest
by Noël Foulk on February 27th, 2022
Thank you for West Side Presbyterian’s continued support of Olive Crest’s children and families. Your generosity has allowed vulnerable children in our community to experience the joy of the Christmas season.We also continue to be grateful for West Side’s Care Community which has been such a blessing this past year, surrounding one of our foster families with support and encouragement.This kind of...  Read More
Highland Park Elementary
by Noël Foulk on January 4th, 2022
On November 23, a group of West Siders delivered Thanksgiving food boxes to the families of 30 students. The families were identified by the school social worker and the food provided by another organization. Each family received a turkey, a ham, a gallon of milk and the rest of the fixing for Thanksgiving.As part of the Thanksgiving eve service, West Siders dropped off supplies to help restock th...  Read More