Meet Erika - Our Children's Assistant!

Hi, I’m Erika and you will normally see me somewhere with the kids on Sunday mornings!

I grew up attending West Side, participating in Sunday school and VBS. And I went to school in the Arbor Heights/ White center area. I went to college at the University of Idaho which was a bit of a culture shock after attending Evergreen High School, though I enjoyed the small-town atmosphere. I’ve always loved nature and the outdoors, so I majored in landscape architecture which was a perfect mix of science and design for me. I also ended up with a minor in history because those classes always sounded interesting, so I ended up filling all my electives with them. When I graduated, my department was starting a new master’s program. They were waiving a good portion of the admittance process for existing students who were willing to be first year guinea pigs. I figured why not and ended up staying to get my masters.

I graduated with my master’s in landscape architecture only to discover that there were not a lot of job opportunities in my field (or from what I know talking to my friends, any field). Unfortunately, (or maybe it was a blessing!) I found that most of the jobs applying for were positions in which the business ultimately ended up getting rid of instead of filling.

During this time, I moved back home and went back to doing what I always did when I was home… I volunteered at church! When I was helping with the Christmas program that year, I had a family ask if I would be willing to nanny for them and I have been doing that in one form or another since. I’ve worked with many families since then and currently work with four different families during the week.

Spending time with different kids and families in a week keeps things interesting – to say the least! It’s always a new interest with one kid, or a different way of looking at things from another. There is just always something new happening because they are all growing, learning and changing.

Because kids seem interested in what I like to do I thought I’d share some highlights.
  • When I’m not at church or with kids I like to go for walks.
  • I try to do at least one of the Run Disney races each year. I did my first half marathon in January!
  • I enjoy gardening, sewing and I began learning to work with leather during COVID.
  • I have two cats and a pet snake … some kids will remember my python from VBS’s science classroom.
  • I’m a history buff and some of my favorite podcasts are: Anglo Saxon England and History of Rome. I’m currently thinking of going for a history of China next.
  • I enjoy medieval based historical fiction - stories about Emma of Normandy and Eleanor of Aquitaine are always favorites of mine.
  • GOOOOOO Sounders!

My favorite Bible verse is:
Matthew 22:21: “’Caesar's,' they replied. Then he said to them, 'So give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.’” This verse strikes me because I’ve always found it useful when it comes to the question of where the line is when it comes to earthly things we involve ourselves in.

Stacy asked me what I would like prayer for. As I am writing this, I am getting ready for preschool pick up and more play time! Even still, I am always looking for more energy to keep up with those kids, any little bit helps. Prayers are appreciated!