Summer Worship begins July 2

“Our world continues on, faster and busier, and we are reminded that our souls were not created for the kind of speed to which we have grown accustomed."

—Rich Villodas, The Deeply Formed Life
Our spring sermon series on 1 Peter invited us to live our faith with confidence in conflicted spaces and times. Confident faith grows from a life deeply rooted in God's love. This summer, with Pastor Rich Villodas' book as our guide, we move forward from the call to confident faith in 1 Peter to faith practices that cultivate a deeply formed life. Everyone is invited to read our summer book club selection, The Deeply Formed Life, introducing five values that we need to be deeply formed and the practices that support these values. They are topics such as "Contemplative Rhythms for an Exhausted Life" or "Interior Examination for a World Living on the Surface." Our sermons will expand on the Bible passages that accompany these values and practices, picking up a conversation with Villodas' teaching.

While you do not need to read the book in order to answer the call of the sermons this summer, I encourage you to pick up a copy for your own summer reading! You can find the book here. Study guides are also available for Connect Groups and individuals.

And if you are not in a Connect Group that is reading the book, come along to 8:30am service for worship and then head down the hall to the library for...

Sunday Morning Book Club!

Pastor Chris and our summer Pastoral Intern, Carys Parker, are teaming up to lead the Summer Book Club, meeting from 9:45-10:45am and using the Study Guide to discuss the book and sermon.

Wait — you may be saying — 8:30?! What is up with summer worship times? Well...

Everyone Needs a Sunny Sabbath!

So beginning July 2 worship times adjust forward this year to get all of us out in the Seattle Summer sun just a little sooner!

8:30am — Traditional Service
10:00am — Contemporary Service

One last thought from Laurie...

I am especially excited to linger for two Sundays in a row on the value and practice this summer. There is something so practical about one Sunday exploring the value, and then the next Sunday getting practical about habits that invite Jesus to shape us in the deep places. I've learned a lot from The Deeply Formed Life and can't wait to take this deep dive with you this summer!