Changes in Youth and Children's Leadership and Introducing the Youth Apprentice Team

Youth and children’s ministries are important aspects of our ministry at WSPC and we feel confident in God’s work among youth and children and our calling to teach and model a life changing relationship with Christ.

WSPC has always been blessed to have great staff and volunteers leading these ministries.  Over the past several years, Stacy Kutz has done a great job as Youth and Families Director, and has been a great influence for so many to follow Christ. Over the summer, Stacy transitioned to a new role as Assistant Director of Ministries, which focuses on equipping and missions. This change meant that youth and children’s ministries overall were placed under Chris Koch, our Associate Pastor. Erika Aronson, who has served so faithfully and creatively in children’s ministries for many years, has stepped into the new role of Children’s and Families Director. Devon Porter stepped into the Interim Youth Director Position and Fillmon Yohannes was hired in October in a partnership with Young Life as Youth Intern.

At the end of 2023, Devon stepped back from her staff role and will continue to volunteer in Youth Group with her fiancé, Riley Montemayor, also a long-time church member and youth leader. They have both served the youth with such faithfulness and love and we are excited that they will continue as volunteers. With Devon stepping back, Fillmon has stepped up to lead youth ministries. To assist Fillmon we have created an exciting program called the Youth Apprentice Team.  

The Youth Apprentice Team is a program that will run through the spring and has two main parts. First an intentional opportunity for young leaders to be discipled through Bible study and training under the leadership of Pastor Chris. And second, to assist Fillmon in leading youth ministries. We have three team members that are apart of the team - Shay Kelly, Quinn Kilham and Lance Sarquilla (see below to find out more about them). Please pray for them and if you see them around West Side, please say hello!

Also… We still need volunteers to help in the youth ministries! We need weekly people to be a part of youth group and also to occasionally help make food, etc. If you would like to help out, contact Pastor Chris at

Introducing our Youth Apprentice Team!

Shay Kelly, 21
A few important things we should know about you? I'm an apprentice leader for Young Life's WildLife. In my life God will always come first! I make music! (Producing and/or Engineering) And I love nature!
Something that excited you about working with the youth. Being able to build strong genuine connections with the kids and being able to give some wisdom from my experiences in life that will hopefully stick with them for a lifetime
A Bible verse that has guided you: One verse that has stuck with me throughout my life is Matthew 22:37, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind.”
Quinn Killham, 20
What are three important things to know about you? I've been a part of Young Life for a long time, youngest in my family, and love music, creative mind, artistic ways.
What are you excited about in working with youth on this team in the next months? To build relationships/friendships and see the kids growth in their journey of faith and us as leaders. Growth in community and seeing where these upcoming months takes us.
A Bible verse that has guided you? Genesis 1:27-28
Lance Saquilla, 20
What are three important things to know about you? Family is really important me, I was born in the Philippines, and I like the outdoors.
What are you excited about in working with youth on this team in the next months? Excited to serve youth in the neighborhood I live in.
Tell us a Bible verse that has guided you? Luke 10:41-42